Realtors Drive The Mortgage Bus

Realtors Drive The Mortgage Bus
The Realtor structured the terms of the purchase contract, so I advised them to call the agent and ask how they could offer a 45-60 day closing without their house being sold. The Realtor asked them if I could find a way for them to buy the new house …
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A Glossary and Guide: Home-Buying in the U.S.
*Real Estate Agents or Realtors: In the U.S., it's common (but not always required) for both the seller and the buyer of a house to be represented by an agent. These agents, brokers or realtors are licensed by the city or state, and usually work on …
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Homeowners, real estate agents want flood insurance rate hike delayed
“For those buyers who are looking to buy a home that needs flood insurance, if those rates go up two or three times the debt to income ratio is going to be impacted and depending on where their income ratio is they may not be able to purchase that home …
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